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Chateau Vista Farm's Breeding Programs

Warmblood breeding in America...


Chateau Vista Farm, LLC is proud to be able to showcase a luxurious line-up of quality warmblood foals produced from the best of bloodlines from both dam and sire for sport hunters and jumpers in America. Chateau Vista Farm stands behind the philosophy that good breeding makes champions. The Chateau's breeding program was founded to set prestigious standards for warmblood breeders in America by integrating elite international warmblood bloodlines to produce Olympic-level prospects. Different services are available to those interested in purchasing embryos or foals whether on-the-ground or in-utero. Be sure to stop back and check for new updates as the farm anxiously awaits top foals for the future because good breeding makes champions.

Kaylee Flushing
CVF Foal
Kaylee Washing a petri
Kaylee Showing
Kaylee Searching for an Embryo
12 X 24 Broodmare Stall

 The  Monserrate  Team

Owners and Founders of Chateau Vista Farm, LLC...


      From an early age, our combined journey as riders rose from showing Arabians, being a western reining competitor, riding through levels in Dressage from various professionals including Conrad Schumacher, to finally competing on the National “AA” Hunter Jumper circuit as an amateur and a professional. We have also had the opportunity to ride, work, and train under many well-known hunter jumper professionals. After completing work at Maffitt Lake Farms in Cumming, Iowa, we flew down under to ride and train with 1988 Seoul, Korea, Olympic Show Jumping Individual Silver Medalist, Greg Best at his farm Silverstream of Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.

      Upon return to the States, we took a working student-rider position under American-based German professional International rider and trainer Wilhelm Genn at Rheinland Farm in Lebanon, Ohio assisting with the care and training needs of his top string of Grand Prix Jumpers. After two years, and to continue college education, we took a position under professionals Richard and Catherine Rinehart of Rinehart Farm in Westfield, Indiana as an assistant professional. There for six years, we were able to enhance skills in riding, showing, and teaching while also flying overseas to find quality imports in Europe.

      Back in our hometown of Des Moines, Iowa, our team now rides and shows  international-level warmblood imports, the farm's breeding and home-bred warmbloods, as well as the national-level sporthorses we own and have raised under the strings: CVL Team Monserrate Equestrian and Stud International, Chateau Vista Farm LLC, Chateau Vista Show Jumpers, and Equisport Forge and Farriery. We have also ridden or cliniced under the guidance of many wonderful professionals all to whom we are thankful for the opportunities to have studied under while as amateurs and professionals.

       The Monserrate team strives to cater to the needs of North American Show Jumping by developing Chateau Vista Farm's breeding program to offer quality European bloodlines to the North American market. Due to our professional reproductive training, we are completely hands-on through the entire breeding process of our farm's mares and stallions from collections to when the foals hit the ground. We received professional training and certifications in equine reproduction in both Houston, Texas and Lexington, Kentucky which include:

  • Foaling and newborn management

  • Equine reproductive and recipient mare herd management

  • Stallion collection, semen evaluation, and fresh semen processing

  • Processing and cryopreservation/freezing of stallion semen

  • Uterine culture, cytology, and biopsy

  • Uterine flushing, microbiological evaluation, and uterine treatment protocols

  • Equine reproductive palpation and ultrasounding

  • Artificial insemination, utilization of frozen semen, and deep horn insemination

  • Embryo flushing, evaluation, and transfer

A Stunning Fall Morning
Dressage Breeding Program
Eventing Breeding Program
Color Breeding Program

"Chateau Vista has the most helpful owners and they genuinely care about your needs. They have helped me so much I have never been to a better barn."

-Fonda K. Satisfied Buyer

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